Saturday, May 04, 2013

Yesterday, the Friday I met NJZ

We were texting a trying to set a date to meet when she got back last week, for a 3-week land-off here in the homeland. Alas, she gave in a date yesterday, for me to meet her for lunch. I took a half day since I won't be advisable to drive all the way to her place in the afternoon and then had to go back to the office. I went for Friday prayer over there. It was a small but a newly built/renovated mosque in the vicinity of a condominium. After the prayer I call her and she told me to park somewhere near the Petron and walked to a bank nearby where she would pick me up. It was then I learnt that she wanted me to meet her parents. Well, I was suddenly having butterfly in my stomach, then she took me to her family office which is nearby to that bank and I was told to sit. She called in her mom and luckily her dad was still at the mosques so I didn't get to meet him. She told me that her parents want to see who her daughter is going out with, whomever it is, not just me, so she told me that this was actually a normal practice. Her mom looked nice, and she asked me few questions like am I on leave or something then reminded me not to spend so much time with her daughter.

So we went out, and as she was about to bring me at a Mamak restaurant, I told her I want to go somewhere else. I said I want to bring her somewhere cooler, air-conditioned. So we walked to my car which was blocked by a truck loading some stuff into the petrol station. I had to give some honking to expedite the process that was going on inside.

We arrived at the malay restaurant ordered fish fried with 3-flavored souce, kangkung belacan and a seafood tom-yam. She was good to me, putting some of the dishes to my plated before hers, and of-course I was touched by the hospitality.

We had so much to talk about, my new office, her PhD, etc but somehow I didn't go about to ask her about marriage and how serious I am. Well, it could be attributed to her plan of working at least a year after finishing her PhD, which she will be rushing to do and thus having little time to think about other things and definitely I did not want to put more stuff into her thinking process. Then I dropped her around 4.

There was so much running in my mind after dropping her off. I need to process the overwhelming situation as whether I want to wait and pursue her or find somebody else. Is it normal for me to be seeing her mom? Well, she said her parents want to see any friend that is bringing her out, so I guessed that was not really a big deal. If I were to wait for her then I would spent more than a year waiting and unmarried. I really want to settle down but of course with someone I really like. She was kind to me, smart and pretty. She have the total package and the family business is really holly, i.e. to do some printing associated with religious knowledge.

She texted me later in the evening thanking me for the lunch and how she would do the same for me once she got to work. But I am thinking, that would be like another year or so. So the fact that she would not be ready at the moment (or at least in the near future) to settle down is really a deal breaker to me.

Today, I woke up to see her texted me at 2.49 am (or is Celcom having some issues delivering the message, I wouldn't know) to tell me that I've lost weight since the last two years, well done?

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