Saturday, April 16, 2016

Once bitten, twice shy

It is not I don't wanna be a ceo. It is just that I don't wanna go that process once again. 

Nonetheless, I would try other ways to be a ceo. I want to prove that I can beat the system. 

It is up to me to be the best. 

So good that I am not dispensable. 


Friday, November 06, 2015

Tersedak dua kali dia!

I saw NJZ today at her workplace. No, I did not planned to see her. No, it was not coincidence. But there was a function at her workplace that I attended. Yes, I talked to her during tea break. I went to her table casually and she was so surprised seeing me that she almost choked, twice and then blushing a bit. But we were fine, we chatted like an old friend. She was nice to me as I was nice to her. She started work last month. Early week of October this year. Her workplace is conveniently located near the ktm station as she took the train near her house in Kuang (kuang kuang kuang, pun intended). Just one stop before the last stop i.e. Rawang. I was funny most of times as she laughed a lot. 

Later it was I'll see you later as the function was over, she said. 

Thursday, October 01, 2015

6 months

Exactly at this moment, 6 months ago, i was receiving a boy!

Alhamdulillah he is all well. 

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Kita bako. Kita bako

Ada seorang mamat dalam cerita Zombie kg Pisang yg tanganya selalu digerak-gerakkan dan tagline mamat ni ialah "kita bako, kita bako", kini tangan anakku Ahmad Ali sentiasa bergerak sedemikian. Ini rasanya perkara biasa apabila dia mula dapat merasakan kawalan terhadap tangan dan jari-jarinya. 

2hb September yg lepas, anakku kini Alhamdulillah telah berumur 5 bulan. 

Semoga beliau sentiasa sihat dan membesar dengan jayanya insyaAllah ameen. 

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago I was only 21 years old. Still stuck studying to earn a degree in the US. I was alone, petrified in an alien surrounding, missing my parents and yearning for Malaysian food. I was high on cheese, in fact I bought a complete cheesecake, one pound or more, only to be consumed within few days. There were days when my diet was just cereals and milk. Only once a week i would satisfy my craving at an indian all you can eat buffet serving halal briyani rice with  relevant meat and veges. Or sometimes we will opt for all you can eat chinese buffet. Or was it this year that i started working as a waiter in a turkish restaurant? The memories i fondly cherish earning money for a living or rather for exploring the US. Or was it because i had to repay someone due to something i have done? Was i a bad boy? Bad boy bad boy what do you wanna do when the cop comes for you. I was lonely because i was yearning to have someone to love other than my familyor friends. I was looking for a lover which seemed far away. Was it this year that i have met someone somewhere when i was with my boys doing the lust triangle exploration? Was it this year that i stalked a girl which were way beyond my league?

Today I am a dad and a husband to a wonderful wife and mother. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Renewing Malaysian Passport 2014

I arrived really early to KL's premier immigration office. At first I thought the immigration office was at the government complexes at Jalan Duta but oh boy was I wrong! The office was nearby Publika (opposite actually), inside the Kementerian Dalam Negeri Complex. Parking was free and i can park anywhere i want unless it has been designated for government officers. 

 When i arrived around 7.20 there were some people waiting outside. About 7.30 am the officer signalled to us to enter the compound. People gushed through the unlocked door. I guessed the door was already unlocked prior to my arrival but people just waited outside. Perhaps they were told so. 
 These are payments for the passport. If you are a disabled, then the passport is free provided that you have an official card to confirm your status. Well, for me, i would have to pay RM 300 for a passport to last for five years. 
 So i got this number, meaning that i was the twelfth person (categorized as regular) (there would be another set of counter to cater for special people like pregnant ladies, old people, people with babies and disabled). 
I came to the immigration office without filling any forms and bringing any photo. As you can see, each counter is equipped with special device to take your photograph. I just brought my IC and my old passport and of course enough cash. My number was called after about 15 minutes. So i went and gave the officer my passport and my IC, then she told me to look at the device (camera) to take my photo. We did several attempts as I was told that my eyes were not looking directly at the camera lense. The whole process took about 10 minutes. Then I was told to wait for my number to be called again. 
My number was called after about twenty minutes. I had to go to the payment counter to make the payment. I got the receipt as follow and was told that my passport will be ready after an hour. 
 And so i went to get something to eat downstair at a nearby cafe. 
The food was OK. Typical malaysian breakfast. After killing some time, about an hour, i went back to the office and noticed that the earlier number had not been called. So i waited for some time while playing with my iPad. Suddenly there was an announcement saying that they are experiencing some problem with the computer system and now that the passport processing will take more than an hour to be completed. So i continue waiting and playing with my iPad.These are the counters where they will be giving out the completed passport. At about 9.45 am, my number was called and they gave me my new passport and asked me to double check all my particulars and then signed at several places including inside the new passport. At about 9.50 am, I am a free man with my new passport. Now i can go travel!

All in all, in took me about 2.5 hours to get my passport done! Well done and keep it up my beloved government officers!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thirty 8 or 38 restaurant at Grand Hyatt KL

While it cost RM 450 for that small portions at Marini's on 57, comparatively it only cost RM350 for a mouthful of food at the 38 at Grand Hyatt KL. It was my birthday and I was lucky to be treated at such wonderful place. It too has some great view. 
 The appetizer was such a filler to my stomach. 

 Lots of food to finish. 
 When you asked for just water, they will give you this expensive bottle of mineral water, alas i cant recall the price. 

Marini on 57 Kuala Lumpur

It was my fiancee's birthday and i decided to take her to this wonderful place after she took me a grandeous restaurant for my birthday. 

Marini's on 57 lies on the 57th floor of the tower 3 of the Suria KLCC. Yes it is not situated on either of the KLCC twin tower but rather the tower 3 which is accessible from the Suria KLCC shopping centre. The easiest way to get there is by parking your car at KLCC then go the information centre asking for direction. 

If i remembered correctly, you have to get to the 2nd floor by escalator and head to your left and go till the end. You will see a sign somewhat decorated with curtain. There will be some staff of Marini's guarding the entrance and asked whether you have a reservation or not. Luckily, i made a reservation couple days back asking for a window seat for two. She said i would need to spend at least RM 300 to be sitting there. I said yeah it is cool since I know the food is really expensive overthere. 

So we led to the lift which took us straight to level 57. 

The waiters and waitress were super attentive and kind to us. We were seated next to the window as requested. Looking at the menu yes the food were super expensive but the view is just spectacular. 

The juices are RM28 each and the water if you requested will be from a mineral bottle which cost you RM28 as well. Then they will give you bunch of bread for free. We ordered a mushroom soup for entree/appetizer which cost RM98. It is really a small portion for that big bucks. 

I got myself full by eating all the breads dip into the mushroom soup or what they called Catagne. Yup it is Italian, since this is indeed an Italian restaurant. Then came the main dish which we decided to share costing us RM188 for a piece of Gobi fish. 
 Yes it does look small and I felt like the masterchef judges eating this delicate piece of meal. 
Once we were done with the meal we were given two other complimentary items i.e. Few chocolate blocks and couple Crossaint to take home. 
 Can you see blocks of chocolate on top of the wooden piece? 

I did some improvement on the Crossaint by adding my own version of the omelette the next morning. 
All in all, it was a good experience and view was nice to see KL at the 57th floor.