Monday, February 11, 2013

The feeling she is longing to have

So yesterday 10 2 2013, i picked her up at KLCC and bring her to BSC because klcc was so packed with people of all backgrounds. I was thinking of eating lunch at Dancing Fish but it was closed at 3. Later I know that it did serve lunch but until 2.30 and will open again around 6 for dinner. So we went to Ben's. I managed to share some knowledge about dajjal and last hours. It was a fruitful share of knowledge which I was longing to share for quite some time. She told me about jarif how she had to turned him down because she is not ready to forget her last boyfriend implying to me the same thing. But i kept my cool and said that i am willing to forget her past if i were to marry her. I told her about my resolution this year that i wanna get married no matter what, with her or someone else, but eventually i will try to find a good wife somehow. It was then I managed to dig deeper into her past, her first love with her boss and how he gave her house to keep her as mistress but she managed to get away but yet receiving the house because it was registered under her name. Well she said she deserved the house because of his actions to her.Her last bf which she cant seem to get him of her mind and dreams stayed in her compound which she sees from time to time and thus the wound continue to bleed. They stayed for around 7 months until one day he changed his behavior and disappeared. He refused her call and she can't find him anywhere. She was heart broken but she still cherished the good sweet moments they had together. She love him. And she need someone to tell her NO when eventually that guy came back and ask her out again. She said she wants that feeling she once had when she were with him.

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