Monday, February 18, 2013

The closure

During my confession the Sunday before this, I did tell her about wanting to marry her and if she is not ready I am ready to move on and find other girls. She did say that she is not ready since she could not get her ex-boyfriend out of her mind and she will marry with those who will give her the same feeling she once had with her ex, implying that I am not giving her the same vibes thus unsuited to marry her. I kept my cool and suggest a sunset dinner together with her twin the next day.

Monday came and she was quiet so I called her asking about the sunset plan which she appeared to have forgotten, told me that she would confirm with her sister. Later she texted that her sister has some other plans tonight so we can't go out. Well ok, I went sleeping until the sunset and later she called asking me to join them for dinner some place nearby.

Nothing spectacular at the dinner, the three of us ate some malay dishes and separate the bills. Her sister insisted that we go for coffee so we went to Ben's at Publika and later the same sister insisted that we go for massage and thus we went to Kota Damansara. During the late hangout she inquired about the trekking that I've been doing during the past mornings (which I told the about) and asked them to join me tomorrow.

Tuesday came and late afternoon the three of us went on hiking and later dinner with some Korean soups. It was during these times that I started to shift attention more towards her sister and not really focusing on her. Well, I sort of being nonchalant about it.

Oh, during the late hangout on Monday, I took a picture of us acting out as if I was spooning her some foods. The pictures went on viral on the facebook with comments wanting to know if we were actually couple which later she denied on Tuesday night. We are just friends.

Later on Wednesday night, around 11, I called her which she never picked up, later not returning the call until today. So this is an opportunity for me to disappear from her. I will not call her until she make contact with me.

I know I have failed before but this would be the time to check and balance. I would not want to be the one who always call first. Let her do it this time around if she want it. If not then it is time for me to move on.

I wish not wasting anymore time in looking for the one and only wife of mine!

Perhaps this is the opportunity to let go. I shall not feel guilty not calling her because I did call her and she did not picked up nor return my call.

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