Sunday, January 06, 2013

Broga this morning

So last night she SMS around this time to see whether I'd be interested to climb Broga this morning. I called and confirmed that I'd like to go. I was in Sepang and thought that if I were to spend the night there then it would be too tiring to drive all the way to Ampang to fetch them then all the way to Broga. So I went back to Ampang immediately and set alarm for 3.30 which I woke up and after shower and pooping, I went to her place quite early at 4.15 when we promised to go at 5. So I slept a little bit and luckily having the lovely mini iPad, I killed quite some time. Again, luckily I subscribed to data plan, since I had to use Waze for direction to Broga. We reached there around 5.50 and immediately start the ascend. We reached the third peak which is about 400m from the sea level at around 6.45. We could go faster if it were not for so many people ascending at about the same time since it was a Sunday.
After resting and taking pictures, we descend and reach the car around 8.30. Then we went to Raju's for some healty breakfast.
Publishing the pictures of us, and her twin and her friends, am I publicly announcing our relationship? Gosh, I hope that wouldn't end up like zaarrif.

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