Friday, March 15, 2013

The closure, goodbye EY

It was the last phone conversation. Short and direct.

I was no longer feeling the same attraction as before. I don't think us won't work.

So the phone call was just a confirmation that I am not being bad. That I am not dissapearing just like that. I disappear because of a mutual understanding.

Asked her for dinner. She said she had plan tonight. Asked me to ask Aereeta or Su instead. To me it was a complete rejection.

Why I should no longer chase her:
- she was not that beautiful
- she cares too much for her beauty, she went for vitamin c and collagen injection, quite often
- she is hairy, she needs waxing at least once a month
- she is indecisive
- she forgets
- she cares too much of her last ex
- she is a player, she went out with lots of guys wanting to be just friends
- she can be too sexy at times
- she is lazy
- she always wakes up late in the afternoon
- she carries too many baggages, her house is financed by one of her ex
- she used to be pampered by many men, she's spoilt
- she is high maintenance

So goodbye EY.
I lost MA too.

So what's next?
I'm gonna wait till my birthday, then I will propose to NJZ.

In the meantime, I'll open up to new girls.
In sha Allah I will find my true love in China.

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